Frequently Asked Questions about eateria

The What’s

What is eateria?

eateria is an award-winning technology company and industry leader with a track record of success. eateria offers a best-in-class digital marketing platform, designed specifically for restaurant, food and hospitality businesses. Our web-based digital loyalty marketing tool is a one-stop shop for everything a business owner needs to build local, loyal guests and keep current guests coming back. To learn more about us, click here.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products, services, or brands via one or more digital channels to reach consumers. There are various forms of digital media including social media, email, banner ads, mobile and more. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in that the channels and tactics utilized can be measured and tracked in real time.

The How’s

How is eateria different from MailChimp?

Mail Chimp is one of the better known email marketing companies, and they provide marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. While they definitely have a larger quantity of clients, the quality they provide to the individual business is dismal when compare to eateria’s hands-on approach. At eateria, our success specialists work one-on-one with your business to develop marketing strategies and are there throughout the process, from creation to implementation to reporting and analytics. We are also a digital marketing company specializing in restaurant, food and hospitality businesses. Everyone on our team has worked in the food industry, and have a deeper understanding of your pain points and ultimately what the right strategy is for your business.

How is eateria different from Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a software company that specializes in email marketing. They create marketing campaigns like email newsletters, surveys, events, Facebook promotions, and online listings. eateria, on the other hand, is an all-in-one marketing platform with dedicated success specialists and an enormous toolbox filled with all your digital marketing needs. eateria focuses specifically on restaurants and food industry businesses, providing industry-specific templates and support. We are the experts in our field, and want your business to thrive with eateria software and services.

How is eateria different from free tools?

We love free tools! Free tools are great to use when they actually provide quality products and results, but more often than not, you are getting what you pay for. eateria’s proprietary software takes the best digital marketing tools and practices and puts them in an easy to use platform. Also, we publish tons of free resources for restaurant owners and food industry professionals, in addition to hosting weekly webinars.

How can I decide which account I want?

It can be tough to choose which account is right for your business needs. You can read more about our software and services here. To learn more about the types of accounts we offer, click here.

The Why’s

Why do I need digital marketing for my business?

Traditional marketing is still around and does work, but by not combining traditional marketing with digital strategies, you are missing out. The world is becoming more and more digital, and chances are, most of your guests are already online and interacting with their favorite brands. This could be you! Engage with your guests directly, measure the results of specific campaigns and efforts, and continue evolving to attract the most loyal following possible.

Why should I become an eateria client?

Simply put, we have all of the tools and resources you need to be the most successful version of you. From DIY to managed accounts, from reputation management to website hosting, we have it all under one virtual roof. If you need more convincing to join our ever-growing family of restaurants, food and hospitality businesses, read some our client success case studies here and our guest testimonials here.

Why is eateria one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies?

eateria continues to grow and thrive because of our clients and their success. When your business attracts new and loyal guests based on our marketing efforts, we give ourselves a little pat on the back and are motivated to provide a similar, positive experience for our next client. If you haven’t already, explore our client success case studies here and our guest testimonials here.