Apps are the way to go to drive guest loyalty

Application Development

We already know how attached mobile users are to their phones, but this is a new development. Apps are the way to go to drive guest loyalty. With an app, guests can find everything they need to know about your business, instead of using a search engine and being directed to a restaurant review website or another third-party site.

Keep your business and brand at the forefront by offering your current and future guests a beautifully-designed and informative app!

85 percent of smartphone users would rather “give up drinking water” than delete their mobile apps

Some features of eateria application development:

  • Customized App for iPhone, Android and iPad with the latest specs and operating system
  • Back end development, including setup of servers, databases, APIs and storage solutions
  • Account approval from app marketplaces
  • UX testing at prototype stage and testing once app is developed with graphics and text
  • Design and create wireframes, to customized, high-resolution app skins
  • Unlimited revisions and design changes, we want you to be happy with your app’s look and feel
  • App submission prior to release exclusively for lead users
  • Marketing and sharing of app for launch

Your app could be the tool to begin new conversations and drive guests through your doors.

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