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Trackable Coupons

Do you want to make you loyal guests feel loved? How about getting first-time guests through the door, or giving guests a taste of some new menu items?

Coupons can incentivize new and loyal guests to dine with you, and try something they haven’t had before. When done strategically, promotions can increase your sales and give guests an added bonus to the dining experience.

eateria’s Proprietary Coupon Templates

eateria’s proprietary coupon templates are yours to use for special offers and discounts. We can customize the design and the promotion, depending on your preferences.

Stop coupon reprints from damaging your sales with our unique coupon validation system. Guests can easily validate coupons by smartphone, landline, or web. Track your popular offers and make informed decisions on future specials.

“95% of all shoppers like coupons, and 60% actively look for coupons” –  A.C. Nielson Co.

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