Give your dedicated guests the VIP treatment

Start Rewarding Your Guests

Give your dedicated guests the VIP treatment, reward their loyal dining behavior and encourage future business.

When your guests join your restaurant rewards program, they receive special offers and promotions, in addition to your newsletter. By offering this program, you are creating another touch point to reach, engage, and encourage loyal guests to dine with you.

How does it work?

  1. We create custom cards to collect your guests’ information and add them to your contact list.
  2. Once you’ve collected the completed cards, send them to us (we provide postage!) and we will enter the data into your contact list.
  3. From there, we begin sending out the information you want your guests to know: company news, promotions and offers, special of the day, upcoming holiday events, and more.
  4. Success! Your restaurant rewards program brings in foot traffic and increases engagement with loyal guests.

Interested in seeing what our software can do for you?

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