Text messages can be 8x more effective at engaging guests

Text Message Marketing

Text messages can be 8x more effective at engaging guests, in fact, the open rate of SMS is 98%!

Mobile marketing, specifically through text messaging and GPS-based push notifications, is changing the game and increasing guest interest.

People are busier than ever, so decision like where to eat for lunch are made quickly and on-the-go. Deliver your most important information to guests on their mobile devices at the right time to make it count.

Some features of eateria text message marketing:

  • Keep guests informed of menu items, drinks and upcoming events in real time
  • Offer exclusive mobile coupons and easy validation
  • Support mobile ordering
  • Send specials with fraud prevention to protect from duplicate usage
  • Receive custom marketing and promotions materials
  • Keyword usage tactics and bank of message templates
  • Build a quality text message database with useful criteria such as age, gender, significant dates, and more
  • Easy to track and manage text message metrics

eateria will help you reach your guests anywhere, anytime, and with impact!

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